For customers who have not received an order confirmation (transfer) email

About order confirmation email

When a customer completes an order, we will send an automatic email containing the order details and transfer instructions. Since it is automatically delivered, it cannot be resent.

Reasons for not receiving an order confirmation email

Automatic emails are sent from Please check your settings so that you can receive emails from this address.

The reason for not receiving emails from our store is

  • Email software settings
  • Settings for smartphones, mobile phones, etc. (especially for ezweb addresses)
  • Sort it into spam mail (especially Yahoo addresses)

Please note that this is possible.

I want to check the order details etc.

If you have not received an email but would like to check whether your order has been placed or the details of your order, please contact our store.

In that case, please check the ``Reasons for not receiving your order email'' and contact us after changing the settings, or contact us using a different email address than the one you used when placing the order .

If you are unsure about the settings, please contact us and include your phone number .

Contact us from here

I want to check the transfer amount and destination

If you have selected "bank transfer" as your payment method, please read "I would like to check my order details" and contact our store.

We will notify you of the amount to be transferred via email or phone, so please transfer it to the address below.

Bank name: Rakuten Bank Branch name: Horn Branch (218)
Account number: 4357871