Collection: 3 slightly unusual and functional pens (ballpoint pen, highlighter pen, mechanical pencil)

I'd like to introduce you to a ballpoint pen that looks a bit unusual, and the store manager was surprised, saying, "It has that kind of function?!"

Oil-based ballpoint pen Zero G Ball 15°

ZERO G ball∠15 is an innovation that allows you to write with surprisingly light pressure by thoroughly researching the poor writing comfort of general ballpoint pens based on ergonomics, and creating a 15-degree angle at the tip of the pen. It is a ballpoint pen.

[Color x Gray] 2 Tone Marktas Highlighter Pen

A highlighter that can be used in two colors just by flipping it around.

Highlighters are often sealed with a removable cap.
If you differentiate the meaning depending on the color you use, you can add or remove it each time you change the color...

It used to be a hassle, but now you can use another color just by turning the shaft 180 degrees.

Sharp & Eraser SHARM

"Sharp & Eraser SHARM" can be turned into a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil and a 2.0 mm eraser by twisting it left and right .