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Ten-no-Jigoto Utensil Shop - Stationery that will make your work more enjoyable and efficient.

Ten-no-Jigoto Utensil Shop - Stationery that will make your work more enjoyable and efficient.

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Manufacturer: MDN

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Ten, the manager of ``Ten no Shigoto Uguten,'' which is popular among stationery enthusiasts, will introduce stationery and miscellaneous goods that will make your work easier for all working people.

・I'm afraid of work because I can't reduce my mistakes.
・I can't finish my work because I have too many tasks
・Not good at multitasking
・Even though I tried to do it in parallel to improve efficiency, everything ended up being half-finished.
・I am not good at organizing my desk area

We will introduce you to a method of facing your work, taking inventory of your work, and solving it with stationery that is perfect for you, while creating a comic that will make you laugh.
Once you have taken inventory, let's move on to the world of stationery!
Please feel free to check out what catches your eye, what you think is cute, and what stationery you are interested in.

<Recommended for these people>
・People who always feel like their work is not going well
・People who use stationery that they already have
・People who want to have more fun working with stationery
・People who want to work efficiently
・People who want to know about useful stationery
・People who like stationery

<Table of contents of this book>
Chapter 1: How to choose stationery by type of store manager's worries
・Work worries type checklist
・How to choose stationery for your job like a store manager
・Concern 1: I make a lot of mistakes and it’s scary.
・Concern 2: I can't finish my work
・Concern 3: I am not good at multitasking
・Concern 4: I am not good at organizing.
・Concerns 5 Human relationships

Chapter 2 by scene! Manager Ten Stationery Recommendations
・No.1 remote meeting stationery
・Ten manager's spilled story: Remote work where there are often no gaps between meetings
・No.2 Remote communication stationery
・No.3 Space-saving stationery
・No.4 Useful stationery around your computer
・Manager Ten's spilled story When thinking, paper and pen are efficient.
・No.5 A reliable ally for meetings
・Manager Ten's spilled story Comfort after inconvenience!
・No.6 Stationery that facilitates communication
・Manager Ten's spilled story: I was not good at handling the phone.
・No.7 Excited by the evolving stationery
・No.8 Stationery for making plans and making notes
・No.9 Stationery that allows you to carry paper and pen compactly
・No.10 Organizing gadgets of various shapes and weights
・No.11 In together! Have a comfortable notebook time anywhere
・No.12 Manual notebook for yourself
・No.13 Stationery and storage items useful for organizing
・No.14 Sticky notes that allow you to easily manage TODO
・No.15 The concept is “Together with you, the worker”
・No.16 Let's enjoy TODO pipeline like a game
・No.17 Manage many TODOs with notebooks
・No.18 The best parts of notebooks and sticky notes
・No.19 Stationery with Gantt chart format
・No.20 Stationery that can be used in the Kanban method

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Ten-no-Jigoto Utensil Shop - Stationery that will make your work more enjoyable and efficient.
Ten-no-Jigoto Utensil Shop - Stationery that will make your work more enjoyable and efficient.
Ten-no-Jigoto Utensil Shop - Stationery that will make your work more enjoyable and efficient.
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