mt lab.(東京都台東区)#てんの文房具屋めぐり007

mt lab. (Taito-ku, Tokyo) #Ten's stationery shop tour 007

Ten's stationery shop tour 007

I will visit and report on interesting stationery stores around the country and around the world. This is the third installment in a series that takes us out of Fukuoka and introduces stationery shops in Tokyo.

I went to a stationery store called mt lab. that specializes in masking tape that I was told about by a follower on Instagram.

mt lab.

Exploring new possibilities for mt,
As a place to deepen that thinking and practice,
"mt lab." is now open.
In addition to regular products,
In addition to handling trial products that cannot be found at other stores or events,
It also has a mini gallery.
We also have exhibitions related to mt.


At first glance, the store has a simple and sophisticated exterior that doesn't look like a store specializing in masking tape.

If you look closely, you can see a huge amount of masking tape on display even from the outside.


A wall-length masking tape display organized in similar colors. Just looking at each color and pattern one by one is fun and takes a lot of time.

Masking tape of various widths and accessories are displayed on the island in the middle.

There's also masking tape in a shape I've never seen before. Cute to display and cute to use.

When I visited the store , mt lab. was holding the 14th edition of ``Selling by Width'' . The cut is 6mm or more in 1mm increments: 25 yen excluding tax per 1mm. I was quietly impressed that masking tape originally had this shape.

I couldn't think of any other uses for it other than pasting paper objects on it, but a number of other uses were suggested, such as decorating flowers or using it for wrapping.

Purchased items

I purchased 8 volumes of Christmas-themed patterns.

Tenno Shigoto Uguten's Fukuoka store is also running a campaign where you can make Christmas cards using this masking tape.

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Store name

mt lab.

3-14-5 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0042

business hours


Please check the official website for the latest information

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