I compared the capacity of Laporta's clear case.

Hello, I'm Ten, the manager of Ten's Job Tools Store.

Today we examined how much each size of our popular Laporta clear case can hold.

Please use this as a reference when making your selection.

Item introduction

Product name A5 size B6 size pencil case size
Size (length x width x width) 195×255 × 30cm
155 x 230 x 30cm
110 × 210 × 30cm
Color variations Navy blue, light gray, pale pink
Blue, light gray , pale pink
Navy blue, light gray , pale pink, pale blue, white, light purple
price 880 yen 792 yen 704 yen
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A5 size capacity

Here's what it looks like when stuffed into A5 size paper. It can hold everything from flat items such as notebooks and cutter boards to three-dimensional items such as glue and tape.

A5 size and thick notebooks can fit inside easily.

Even with all this, there was still plenty of room, so I think I could fit scissors, cutters, and writing utensils.

Due to its large capacity, it can be quite heavy to carry around, so we recommend using it as a storage case.

Why not use it as a clear case that you can keep all together near your workbench?

B6 size capacity

B6 size has almost the same storage capacity as A5 size. You can fit a B6 notebook and also have space for bulky items such as stamps and charging cables.

Although the size is smaller than A5, the size of the gusset remains the same, so I was able to store small three-dimensional objects just like A5.

It seems like a convenient way to keep all of your small items together when you're traveling and have more items.

Pen case capacity

Our most popular item is the pencil case size! The pen case size is large enough to fit smartphones, masks, etc.

The gusset is the same as other sizes, so you can fit thick three-dimensional objects.

Even with all this, the navy part that wasn't transparent was still sparse, so I added a pen as well.

Recommended size for smartphone-related gadgets, or for people who want to carry glue and correction tape along with their pens.

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