Notice regarding change/addition of shipping warehouse

Thank you for always using Tenno Shigoto Tools Store. Today we would like to inform you about changes and additions to the shipping warehouse when ordering from our store.

Since we opened in 2020, all orders at our store have been made by hand, one by one, by our manager.

In 2023, we have grown into a store where many people use our store, and it has finally become difficult to guarantee speed and quality by shipping alone.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have decided to outsource some shipments to an external partner.


Some orders placed after 5/3 12:00 will be shipped from "Ten no Shigoto Doguten (Imabari Warehouse)".

Shipping start timing: Due to Golden Week holidays until May 14th, shipping will start from May 15th.

Due to inventory adjustments, if your order is shipped from the existing Fukuoka Yakuin store and Imabari warehouse , you will be charged 660 yen x 2 (1,320 yen) for shipping, but don't worry, we will refund the amount at a later date. please.


Leading up to this decision, I (the store manager) thought that it would be dangerous to outsource the final check before delivery to the customer, and was looking for various ways to do so.

For example, I might need to find someone to help with shipping at the current shipping location, Fukuoka Yakuin store, increase the number of days it takes to ship, or outsource other tasks...

I thought about a lot of things, but I decided to outsource to an external warehouse because I wanted to ``deliver ordered items to customers accurately and quickly,'' and ``I want to think of ways to communicate with customers more and convey my feelings of gratitude.'' I decided to do it.

As of the end of April, I am actually going to the warehouse to arrange the shelves and provide guidance on shipping and packaging.

I was able to speak with the members who were scheduled to handle the shipping work, and they were very reassuring and trustworthy.

Up until now, we have been working hard to make our store even better, and we are now excited to have more allies and grow at a faster pace.

Thank you for your continued support of our store.

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