Collection: 6 stationery items that can be managed weekly

7 pocket clear file

Clear files that can be sorted by day of the week. Yellow and blue have the days of the week on the index.

Recommended as a temporary storage space when you have a lot of paper materials and can't organize them in time!

If you are looking for something, you can search by day of the week, so it would be a good idea to categorize it by the day of the week you received the material or by the deadline.

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PLAN do ME weekly sticky note

Perfect for managing schedules!

You can carry it around in your notebook, so it's convenient for jotting down schedules, tasks, and deadlines for tasks that are suddenly decided on, such as during MTG.

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Write White + Whiteboard Note

A simple whiteboard notebook. Comes with a weekly template.

Since it's a whiteboard, you can write down things for the next week as soon as the day is over, making it convenient for managing housework, children's errands, etc.

Only B5 size has weekly format.

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schedule pad

It can be used not only for TODO and schedule management, but also as a log.

Write your goals on the left and your achievements and impressions on the right.

Write AM schedules and tasks on the left and PM schedules on the right.

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HOPAX weekly sticky notes

I recommend writing down several things a day about what you want to work hard to achieve! Things like ``organizing folders on your computer'' and ``taking meeting minutes yourself.''

Since you can divide it by day of the week, you can physically feel refreshed by throwing away the things you have achieved first.

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sticky memo pad

Recommended for people who occasionally have tasks that need to be carried over to the next day!

Don't you find that when you have to remember even small tasks, your mind gets cluttered?

Paste this sticky note where you see it often and write on it frequently to keep it tidy! Also, since it is easy to see the whole week, it is easy to see the remaining tasks from the previous day.

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