Announcement of the start of “Nyan Points” and “Ten no Shigoto Nakama” system

Hello, this is Tennoshigoto Tools Store. Thank you very much for always using and supporting our store!

Today, we would like to inform you that we will start the "Nyan Points" and "Ten no Job Nakama" systems from April 28th.

To all of you who always give us lots of love, we have decided to introduce this service with the aim of making it more convenient and comfortable for you to use our store.

Nyan point

You will receive Nyan points for using our online shop, following us on SNS, birthdays, etc.

way to participate

How to participate is to create an account with our store and you will be able to participate automatically.

Also, points will be automatically added to orders placed after April 28th. We look forward to creating your account using the email address you entered when placing your order .

>>You can create a new one from this page<<

Confirmation method

You can check the "Nyan Point" or "Cat Paw Icon" on the bottom right of your computer or smartphone by clicking on it and logging in.

Granting conditions

terms of exchange

Please check my page for details on terms of use.


Q.What will happen to my existing point card?

A.We will continue. As before, we will be handing out point cards when ordering from the online shop and when using the Fukuoka Yakuin store, and the benefits and benefits will remain the same.

>>What is a point card? <<

Q.What are the benefits if I have already created an account?

A.If you log in after May 1st, points will be automatically awarded.

Q.What happens to the benefits if I have already followed you on SNS or registered on YouTube?

A. After logging in, you can receive points by clicking "Follow" or "Register" on the action list screen for earning points.

Tennojogoto friends

This is a system where you can receive additional benefits depending on the amount you spend at our store between January 1st and December 31st of the year.

Please note that your purchase history will be reflected from around April 28th, 2023. Thank you for your understanding. (This may change depending on the system settings. Thank you for your understanding.)

How to get your friends involved

Just like with Nyan Points, you will automatically participate by creating an account at our store.

>>You can create a new one from this page<<

Coupons that will be given on the 1st of every month will be announced via e-mail newsletter, so please register. You can register for the e-mail newsletter from the bottom of the top page.

How to check your current rank


Q. Will my past purchase history be reflected?

A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it will not be reflected. This is because data acquisition will start after 5/1 0:00. Thank you for your understanding.

Q.Will my rank be carried over to the next year?

A. Your rank will not be carried over and you will return to Bronze membership. However, I am thinking of giving benefits depending on the rank at the end of the year.

Q.What is included in the cumulative purchase amount that determines the rank?

A. Only the product subtotal (excluding tax). Does not include shipping charges or tips.

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